Online video marketing-something your business' website needs, NOW!

by Ventura County Now

December 21st, 2012

Why is online video content vital to your business' success? Well, it is becoming clearer that to make the most of the internet market, using video to sell a product is not the wave of the future, it is the wave of NOW. Consumers are using search engines to find goods and services online, and they want the best and easiest website providing what they need. A website with video saves them the effort of reading a ton of words and looking at bunch of photos to figure out if you have what they want. Online video can explain in an entertaining and informative way exactly what your business offers. It is no coincidence that YouTube is the second leading search engine, second only to GOOGLE. And any online video can be specially tailored to fit your unique business, with music, narration, or action to accentuate your products! Adding video content to any website is a bargain compared to advertising on television, radio or in publications. Online video can also boost the success of social network marketing, through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and email marketing campaigns for businesses by including free online marketing video, which can be used to better explain precisely what they want to emphasize about their company and its products and/or services! Plus, online video doesn’t prohibit how many times your customers can watch it, or limit when, or where, they might see it. It becomes a permanent part of your website until you decide to change it. Educate your customers while keeping them entertained. They will be rewarded by having an easier experience online, and YOUR reward will be in the form of higher rankings from, search engines and longer periods of time on your site by your potential customers It’s probably the most cost effective way to share information, and it's fun and entertaining! Mention this blog to professionals at, at 805-243-8321, and receive a free one hour consultation to find out tips and advice about how to put the power of online video to work for your business!