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Phone Books Were Big Once Like the Dinosaurs - But, Now They're Extinct Too.

by Ventura County Now

September 21st, 2012

Phone Books are extinct like the dinosaurs: The Final Code Internet MarketingPhone Books Were Big Once Like the Dinosaurs - But, Now They're Extinct Too.

Or at the very least they should be. Why do they still deliver phone books?  No one uses them anymore. Shoppers today look for stuff online. While the shadow of extinction grows darker on the once rich with your money phone book companies, they are now scrambling to find different ways to continue to extort money from local businesses.

I don’t know about you, but I am glad I don’t have to be worried about getting eaten by a dinosaur. But what the local business owner should worry about is getting eaten alive by the phone book sales people trying to act like Internet marketing experts.

There are many horror stories given to us from local merchants of how a phone book sales person promised them websites and great search engine placements without even coming close to delivering.  The end result is the business owner spends a ton of money every month, doesn’t see the promised results, and can’t get ahold of the phonebook salesman to resolve the issue.

Maybe the phone book companies should just stick to delivering the phone book since they don’t have the know-how to deliver a successful web campaign? Or better yet, maybe they should gracefully accept the fact that their product is extinct and save some trees in the process?

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And remember to spread the word: Please… Don’t Feed The Dinosaurs.