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Top Venture Law Firm Releases a New Website Dedicated To Help Those in Need

by David Williams

Ventura County Now Staff
June 4th, 2012

Farley, Cassy, Schwartz and Powell – The law firm with the most not guilty verdicts in Ventura County

As a partner in a very successful law firm, Steven D. Powell, Esq. believes it is not only essential to provide superior representation for his clients, but he also believes it is essential to make potential clients aware of his firm.  Farley, Cassy, Schwartz and Powell has more not guilty verdicts over any other firm in Ventura County and Mr. Powell felt those in legal trouble should have every opportunity to find his firm and get the best possible representation.

Mr. Powell has been a member of the California State Bar since 1981. He is UCSB undergraduate, UCLA Law School graduate and former Deputy District Attorney Ventura County. Presently, he is defending those accused of crime and other misconduct. Mr. Powell has tried cases from simple assault to death penalty murder. One of the most distinguished and successful trial lawyers in Ventura County, Mr. Powell also litigates significant civil matters. Mr. Powell blogs about criminal law issues at this website,


After years of defending clients Mr. Powell knows how a family member feels when a loved one is accused of a crime. Imagine one day getting the news that your loved one was put in jail and faced serious charges and a lengthy prison sentence. Family members are understandingly very distraught and feel a great sense of urgency to find the best lawyer to end their nightmare and get their loved one freed from all charges. Mr. Powell felt that if a client or their loved ones needed to find the very best law firm, it should be easy and stress free.

Mr. Powell felt that yellow page ads are becoming obsolete and radio, television, and print ads are hit and miss at best. He knew potential clients were increasingly going online to search for a criminal defense team. Furthermore, he found that potential clients needed more information than a yellow page ad or a thirty second radio or television ad would provide to make an informed decision. Mr. Powell knew he needed to go full force into internet marketing.

Dedicated to assuring those in need of legal help found his firm, Mr. Powell decided to create a powerful web presence. He had a top web production company design a new website for his firm, rich with videos outlining the strengths of his firm and introducing the Farley, Cassy, Schwartz and Powell team.  Now a potential client seeking representation can get a proper introduction to his firm, get vital information about the crime charged against them, and make an informed decision.

Choosing the right criminal defense attorney can be the most important decision of one’s life, and once the decision is made, a lot of stress is relieved as the client and the clients loved ones realize they are now in good hands.