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Using a Search Engine Optimization marketing (SEO) consultant can increase traffic to your website!

by Ventura County Now

April 2nd, 2013

A professionally programmed website does greatly increase your local marketability. Simultaneously, it uses the internet to take your business to places your “Brick & Mortar” location can’t go! It’s obvious, really, that increasing the amount of potential customers is an advantage every business owner wants. Having a viable online presence, which is best established by a professional SEO consulting firm, is critical in obtaining a larger base of consumers looking for your products or services.  These consumers can be from Camarillo to Canada, from Ventura to Venice, (Italy, of course), or ANYWHERE. The point is, using the internet increases the amount of ACTUAL customers likely to do business with your company.

 Having a relevant website, social media campaign or other form of internet marketing has proven to be successful in expanding a company’s visibility far beyond their local market. Remember, though, a relevant website needs to be seen at the TOP when it comes to search engine results! Online consumers use a wide variety of terminology when searching for goods and services, definitely not just the NAME of your specific business. If you are a local manufacturer and distributor of, let’s say…CHEESE! (Hahahah…) I digress… but do customers search using merely the word “CHEESE”? Of course they don’t! They might look for “cheddar”, “brie”, “smoked gouda”, or even stinky ol’ “limburger”!  That’s why the best way to increase traffic to your website is to seek assistance from a knowledgeable SEO consultant.  It is their job to know what terms are most used to find your type of business—helping your website reach the maximum potential customer base!  

Other forms of advertising for your business in any medium are costly and generally ineffective. That stands to reason as only a few potential customers will even see or hear your ad. But having a custom designed website and other effective internet marketing strategies will not only provide your local customers with a better shopping experience.  It can, and will, be seen by ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. So, don’t limit your visibility, expand your horizons. To find out how to do it, contact the professionals at today. Visit their website, or call 805-243-8321today for a free consultation. Be seen, FIRST!

Is your website’s production something you would rather not talk about?

by Ventura County Now

October 8th, 2012

Elephant in Room: The Final Code Internet Marketing Firm

Is your website’s production something you would rather not talk about?

Get a free website check-up to find out if potential customers are finding you and what they think about you if they do.

The Final Code is a local, Ventura California Internet marketing firm offering local businesses a way to cut through the confusion of advertising online. Call today and stop letting customers pass you by!

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Was your website supposed to save the day?

by Ventura County Now

October 3rd, 2012

Website Save the Day: Internet Marketing: The Final Code

Was your website supposed to save the day?

Get a free website check-up to see what your hero is really up to.

Let the professionals at The Final Code give you a FREE report on how your website is performing.

Our “Nerd Report” is normally priced at $155.00 is now FREE for the month of October!

Find out if your website is getting found by online shoppers

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Internet Marketing Momentum – Imagine Your Business on Top on Google!

by Ventura County Now

September 27th, 2012

Internet Marketing Momentum – Imagine Your Business on Top on Google!

Nope… We are not some company from overseas trying pull a fast one. We are right here in Ventura on Main Street. We are locals helping locals.

Ventura internet marketing firm get found online

Please let this soak in… There are over 10 million Google searches for LOCAL goods and services in Ventura County every month!

Consumers are spending money!

Consumers are looking for your products or services online!

Are they finding you?

Ventura County Now, sponsored by The Final Code is launching a FREE exciting marketing program for local businesses only!

Ventura County Now is a local company and we are dedicated to supporting local businesses. Get your business signed up for our FREE Marketing Momentum Program and find out how it feels having your business on the first page of Google for FREE!

Ventura internet marketing firm stand out from the crowd

We want to show local businesses how to compete and WIN online!

How do we do it?

  • Limited Time Offer: Get a $155.00 Internet Marketing Class FREE!

Our experts give you a free Internet Marketing Workshop that helps you understand the simple (yet hidden) secrets you need to know to attract new customers!

  • Limited Time Offer: Get $100 Google Advertising Dollars FREE!

Ventura County Now gives you $100 dollars of FREE Google marketing credits that guarantee first page placement on Google in your business category! This will give your business a big boost of new customers!

  • Ongoing Support: While it’s not required we offer powerful Internet marketing solutions, website creations and productions provided by The Final Code. For these additional services, we offer low prices for local businesses that are guaranteed to bring in many customers from the Internet!

All workshops are held local in downtown Ventura and we offer evening and weekend time slots for your convenience!

Private workshops are available! This workshop focuses specifically on your business and only you and your employees are allowed to attend.

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Phone Books Were Big Once Like the Dinosaurs - But, Now They're Extinct Too.

by Ventura County Now

September 21st, 2012

Phone Books are extinct like the dinosaurs: The Final Code Internet MarketingPhone Books Were Big Once Like the Dinosaurs - But, Now They're Extinct Too.

Or at the very least they should be. Why do they still deliver phone books?  No one uses them anymore. Shoppers today look for stuff online. While the shadow of extinction grows darker on the once rich with your money phone book companies, they are now scrambling to find different ways to continue to extort money from local businesses.

I don’t know about you, but I am glad I don’t have to be worried about getting eaten by a dinosaur. But what the local business owner should worry about is getting eaten alive by the phone book sales people trying to act like Internet marketing experts.

There are many horror stories given to us from local merchants of how a phone book sales person promised them websites and great search engine placements without even coming close to delivering.  The end result is the business owner spends a ton of money every month, doesn’t see the promised results, and can’t get ahold of the phonebook salesman to resolve the issue.

Maybe the phone book companies should just stick to delivering the phone book since they don’t have the know-how to deliver a successful web campaign? Or better yet, maybe they should gracefully accept the fact that their product is extinct and save some trees in the process?

If you want a website that delivers results don’t feed the dinosaur. Come to a free Internet Marketing Workshop sponsored by Ventura County Now and The Final Code and find out what really works and how to get more customers online.

And remember to spread the word: Please… Don’t Feed The Dinosaurs. 

Learn What the Experts Know in Internet Marketing

by David Williams

Ventura County Now Staff
May 7th, 2012


Stand Out in the Crowd!

Trade Secrets Revealed! Learn What the Experts Know in Internet Marketing for Free! Smart Internet Marketing = Big Return on Investment!

When internet marketing is concerned, the biggest investment can be the time spent in research to determine how to launch and maintain a success campaign. There is a lot of information regarding internet marketing that can be confusing, and overwhelming.  Questions like, what is SEO? What is the difference between organic SEO and pay per click? Why is social media important? What are back links and why are they important? What is the difference between a dynamic site and static site? Do I own my own URL? What is web hosting? How do get the most out of video on my site? Do I need e-commerce? How do I launch an e-mail marketing campaign? What is the best way to capture customers? The list goes on and on and many throw their hands up in the air and give up.

The Final Code helps make internet marketing and production simple with concise and easy to understand steps that anyone can assimilate and put into action to create a steady stream of new customers.

The problem is if a business gives up on internet marketing or don’t market effectively, “in the know” competition will gladly take the lion share of online customers. The bottom line is internet marketing is hot and it’s only getting hotter. Those with the knowledge and know how will win and their business will grow and thrive while there competitors are left in financial despair.

Be “In The Know.” The Final Code is a local internet marketing and production firm that is dedicated to help local small businesses “crack the code” to the sometimes intimidating world of internet marketing. Local small business owners will now have the opportunity to attend FREE classes on how to effectively market on the web in a cost effective, easy manner.

“Our goal is to help local businesses tap into the incredible business generating world of internet marketing”, says Dave Williams, Marketing Director for The Final Code. “We have found that many small businesses have not launched a success internet marketing campaign simply because they didn’t fully understand how to do so or they were intimidated by the cost. We are focused on creating an avenue in which any business, even with the smallest of advertising budgets, can launch a powerful web presence. Let’s face it. Many customers are passing by local businesses because today’s customer searches for goods and services online. If a potential customer can’t find a business online they will bring their dollars to a business that does.”

The fact is not enough nowadays to simply create a website. It is essential that a website is properly promoted through search engines like Google, Bing, You Tube, Yahoo, and through Social Media avenues like Facebook, My Space and Twitter.  In addition there are many other effective and affordable methods of internet marketing.

The Final Code desires to share trade secrets with local businesses so they can effectively compete in today’s fast moving internet market place.

That is why The Final Code is now offering free classes in downtown Ventura for local businesses. Topics in the classes range from Internet Marketing 101, where small business owners can learn the basic workings of internet marketing, to Search Engine Optimization, Blogging and Social Media marketing which provides the attendees valuable insights in creating new customers online.

Space is limited to these free classes. Contact The Final Code at 805-243-8321 for more info and to reserve your spot today!