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Suzy Prudden: Money Mind Mastery

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by Fernando Maxilian

Ventura County Now Staff
January 29th, 2015

PrudenYour mind is the power behind your money. What you say is what you think. If you say "I'm broke" you think you’re broke. You always get to be will be broke if you say you are. If you say "I have everything I need" you think you have everything you need and you get to be right and have everything you need. If you say "It's OK to make a million dollars" you will think it is OK to make a million dollars and your money mind set will be set in motion to do just that. With her many years as a business strategist and in-depth interviews with the best in their fields, Suzy Prudden will help you achieve the mindset of a multimillionaire. Giving you the tools to change your money mind, get out of your own way and open the flood gates to wealth and prosperity.