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Internet Marketing Momentum – Imagine Your Business on Top on Google!

by Ventura County Now

September 27th, 2012

Internet Marketing Momentum – Imagine Your Business on Top on Google!

Nope… We are not some company from overseas trying pull a fast one. We are right here in Ventura on Main Street. We are locals helping locals.

Ventura internet marketing firm get found online

Please let this soak in… There are over 10 million Google searches for LOCAL goods and services in Ventura County every month!

Consumers are spending money!

Consumers are looking for your products or services online!

Are they finding you?

Ventura County Now, sponsored by The Final Code is launching a FREE exciting marketing program for local businesses only!

Ventura County Now is a local company and we are dedicated to supporting local businesses. Get your business signed up for our FREE Marketing Momentum Program and find out how it feels having your business on the first page of Google for FREE!

Ventura internet marketing firm stand out from the crowd

We want to show local businesses how to compete and WIN online!

How do we do it?

  • Limited Time Offer: Get a $155.00 Internet Marketing Class FREE!

Our experts give you a free Internet Marketing Workshop that helps you understand the simple (yet hidden) secrets you need to know to attract new customers!

  • Limited Time Offer: Get $100 Google Advertising Dollars FREE!

Ventura County Now gives you $100 dollars of FREE Google marketing credits that guarantee first page placement on Google in your business category! This will give your business a big boost of new customers!

  • Ongoing Support: While it’s not required we offer powerful Internet marketing solutions, website creations and productions provided by The Final Code. For these additional services, we offer low prices for local businesses that are guaranteed to bring in many customers from the Internet!

All workshops are held local in downtown Ventura and we offer evening and weekend time slots for your convenience!

Private workshops are available! This workshop focuses specifically on your business and only you and your employees are allowed to attend.

Call today and secure your spot to get a FREE workshop and FREE Google advertising! This offer won’t last forever. Call us at 805-243-8321 today! 

Phone Books Were Big Once Like the Dinosaurs - But, Now They're Extinct Too.

by Ventura County Now

September 21st, 2012

Phone Books are extinct like the dinosaurs: The Final Code Internet MarketingPhone Books Were Big Once Like the Dinosaurs - But, Now They're Extinct Too.

Or at the very least they should be. Why do they still deliver phone books?  No one uses them anymore. Shoppers today look for stuff online. While the shadow of extinction grows darker on the once rich with your money phone book companies, they are now scrambling to find different ways to continue to extort money from local businesses.

I don’t know about you, but I am glad I don’t have to be worried about getting eaten by a dinosaur. But what the local business owner should worry about is getting eaten alive by the phone book sales people trying to act like Internet marketing experts.

There are many horror stories given to us from local merchants of how a phone book sales person promised them websites and great search engine placements without even coming close to delivering.  The end result is the business owner spends a ton of money every month, doesn’t see the promised results, and can’t get ahold of the phonebook salesman to resolve the issue.

Maybe the phone book companies should just stick to delivering the phone book since they don’t have the know-how to deliver a successful web campaign? Or better yet, maybe they should gracefully accept the fact that their product is extinct and save some trees in the process?

If you want a website that delivers results don’t feed the dinosaur. Come to a free Internet Marketing Workshop sponsored by Ventura County Now and The Final Code and find out what really works and how to get more customers online.

And remember to spread the word: Please… Don’t Feed The Dinosaurs. 

Good Morning Sunshine! Google is Calling… Or Are They???

by Ventura County Now

September 18th, 2012

Good Morning Sunshine! Google is Calling… Or Are They???

You wake up one morning and head to work to run your business. You get to work and begin your busy day and you decide to check your voicemail.

One of the voicemails catches your complete attention. The voice on the recording says it is Chris from Google and your website has been flagged on Google Places for deletion. Chris goes on in a very official way to say he has tried to contact you previously by email and if this issue is not taken care of by 2:15pm today, your Google Places page will be taken down FOREVER!


Panic Time!

Immediately your heart rate jumps. You quickly go over in your mind the last time you checked your emails and wondering how sure are you that you even checked the junk folder. You start to think about all the calls you have been getting from your website since you moved into the top 3 organic search results for your keywords. You imagine all that business you will be losing, OH NO!

You listen again to the message a get and jot down the name, number and extension. You fumble to dial the phone and after a few rings, a nice woman picks up.

"Hello this is Google, Heather speaking, how may I direct your call?"

"I got this message that I would be deleted from Google by a guy named Chris at extension 212"

"Just one moment"

The line transfers and after a couple of rings, you have Chris on the phone.

"Hello this is Chris, may I have your phone number please"


Relief Sets In…

"Okay sir, you have been flagged as a non-verified account, I will just need you to wait for another call, you will get a verification code. Call me right back and give that code to me and I can get this all cleared up for you."

Relief comes over you, you sure are glad you checked your voicemail before the 2:15 cutoff. You get the Google robot call with the verification, you call Chris back and give him the code and all is well, life can go back to normal and your Google top ranking is intact.

Now Here Comes the Bad News.

You have just been conned. Chris now calls you and tells you about a service he is offering from anywhere from 100-500$ per month to keep your Google Places page online. He does not work at Google; he is a pitch man/con man. You have given him authority over your page by giving him the code. You have a few options which all are bad. You can report him and wait for that to be resolved. You can pay him and be held hostage forever. You can start a new places page and lose your current ranking and page age. Or, you can just write off Google Places and the business it drives forever.

The Clues

This could have been easily avoided. All con artists give clues to their true purpose and who they really are. The one thing they play on is the urgency and emotion created by their calls.

In this instance I will give a few reasons you should have been suspicious from the beginning.

1. Google called you? Really? It is best to assume that a multi-billion dollar company isn't going to spend the time to call you. They would delete it and wait for you to call them.

2. When you called you got ahold of someone! A corporation of this size will normally have a long wait time.

3. They ask you to verify information that you already verified. Google are not a bunch of dummies, they have any information you previously provided.

4. A simple search tells you what you need to know. Doing a simple search will bring up various similar cons attempted and how people have been taken by them. Sometimes even the same phone number will have been used.


In your day to day operations, you probably don’t always have time or energy to figure out what is what when it comes to your website on Google or anywhere else. It always pays to have a website SEO company looking out for you and your interests. They will always be able to point out these types of scams in a second and put your mind at ease.

Ventura County Now sponsored by The Final Code wants to help! Attend a free workshop and learn what to watch out for and how to market your business online.

Call 805-243-8321 for the FREE workshop time slots today.

Internet marketing is so big and confusing that many local businesses

by Ventura County Now

September 17th, 2012

Want to Make Your Internet World Smaller?

The world of Internet marketing is so big and confusing that many local businesses don’t even know where to start to tap into the millions of consumers shopping online.

It is easy for local businesses to feel small and insignificant when it comes to competing online with major corporations.

We want to help. Ventura County Now , sponsored by The Final Code, is now offering FREE Internet Marketing Classes to help local businesses get more customers online.

Call today to sign up! It’s free and you will learn how to get more customers!

Whether you currently have a website that is not performing or you are considering getting a website, these classes will give you the competitive edge!

Come learn how to market online like a big corporations and a small business budget.

Classes include:

  • How to Get High Rankings on Search Engines,
  • How to Attract More Customers Online
  • How to Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing
  • How to Build a Successful Website and much more!

Don’t wait the Internet World is passing you by!


Call Today @ 805-243-8321

Ventura County Now                          

We support local business! 

Is making changes to your website a strain that you would rather not have to face?

by Fernando Maxilian

Ventura County Now Staff
September 14th, 2012

Turn and face the strain

Is making changes to your website a strain that you would rather not have to face?

You don’t have to be a David Bowie fan to be reminded of the everyday changes and strains of running a business.

Everyone needs to make changes to their website from time to time, especially restaurants. Most all restaurants have their menus posted on their websites and if they need to make changes, it can be a real hassle. The Final Code has the technology that allows restaurant owners or their staff to easily make changes to their menu and any other section of their website in seconds.

The Final Code offers easy to use, flexible websites that are a perfect fit for restaurants or any other business that want to easily add pages, make changes and get high rankings on search engines.

Ric’s Restaurant located in Camarillo recently took advantage of The Final Codes technology and upgrade to a new Total Control website. Today the owners of Ric’s Restaurant attended a free class at The Final Code’s offices in Ventura and learned how to use their new website’s features. After their short tutorial with The Final Code staff, they now can make adjustments to their menu items, change prices and specials on the fly!

Visit Ric’s Restaurant @ and check out their tasty menu!

Call The Final Code if you ‘re having to call your web company to request changes to your website and have to wait forever to get the changes done. No more strain is just a call away!



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