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Channel Islands Helicopter Harbor Rides

by Ventura County Now

November 7th, 2013

Are you ready for the weekend... This weekend FALL special is amazing.. $25 helicopter rides. Saturday November 9. First come first serve. If you want to experience the beach and harbor by the air come on down for your first helicopter experience!

Channel Islands Helicopter Harbor Rides 

 Humpack-whale-aerial    Humpbacks-lunge-feed-from-air  

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

by Robert McMurray

Blog Writer
May 6th, 2013

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

Product Sales    

  • Online shopping is a continually growing trend, especially around the holidays.  Statistics show the largest growth is occurring in the retail sector, which earned $162 billion in 2011.  E-commerce (online sales) has been forecast to exceed that by more than $100 billion in 2015!  That rate jumps during holidays and other gift giving occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and so on.  Your local business needs to compete in the rapidly expanding internet sector, or it has no chance to keep up with the online giants.  Don’t let the bigger companies like Amazon and Google take all the pie.  A website can help sell your products, plain and simple, 24/7.  It’s easier to get started than you think.  The sooner you take action, the sooner you can start to get a piece of the internet-market pie.
E-Commerce Product sales

Product Promotion

  • A website is the best way to show customers what makes your local business unique by displaying exactly what you offer.  You can include pictures, video, and testimonials to your quality and experience, among many things.  Your customers don’t have to visit your store to see what you sell, as they have the convenience of browsing your online shelves, even when your brick and mortar store may be closed!  Display your products online and let the customers see what they want, the way you want them to see them.  What makes you stand out from your competitors?  What do you HAVE that you know your customers WANT?  A website is the way to convey this to potential new customers, or update current ones on sales and new items in your inventory!  Starting a website for your business can be easy and affordable, and obviously PROFITABLE!
Connecting Business with customers

Promotion of Services

  • Having a nice website is ideal for businesses offering specific services.  Let’s face it…no one comes into a doctor or lawyer’s office to check out their office furniture, or to see what reading material is in the lobby.  Your website will afford you the ability to describe in detail what you can do for potential customers and clients, and in a more entertaining format!  And a website is fluid, so you can update your services to match current trends and modern advances in your industry, indicating your business is cutting edge compared to competitors. 

Contact today at (805)243-8321 today for advice or a free consultation!

Internet Marketing-Online Marketing-Ventura

by Ventura County Now

November 5th, 2012





Internet Facts:

More than 8 out of 10 Internet users look on search engines to find information and
the products or services they want to buy

Pay-per-click (PPC) costs are rising (over 37% higher from last year to this year Q1)

Up to 85% of searchers ignore paid listings

63% of the top natural (organic) listings get click throughs

Natural (organic) search results convert 30% higher than PPC

Think about it…

Why chase potential customers when you can get them to come to you?

Every day, thousands of consumers use Yahoo! Search to locate for products and services. They are ready to purchase. Why not let them look at what you have to offer?

SEO! It's cost-effective.

Rather than spending heaps on mass advertising to attract just a few potential customers, why not talk only to the people who are already searching for what you sell? And don't take out word for it – you will be able to monitor how many people have seen and clicked on your Search Result, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You take charge. Very simply, you pick search words or phrases relevant to your business. When a potential customer searches with those words, your listing appears at the top of the Search Results pages. Your ad is prominent – customers see your listing before the regular Search Results. Internet marketing is the way to go! Ventura local businesses can market online and win with the help of The Final Code! We are local and are dedicated to helping local companies thrive in the world of Internet marketing.

Don’t let customers pass you by!

Whether you need a website or have a website that is not pulling in customers call us today!

Our professional and affordable websites start at only $250.00! Start getting business today!

Call 805-243-8321

We are local in Ventura! So stop by at 1068 E. Main Street if you like! 

Get Your Business Seen By Over 100,000 Potential Online Shoppers!

by Ventura County Now

October 31st, 2012

Get Your Business Seen By Over 100,000 Potential Online Shoppers!

Ventura County Now is now offering Premium Listings geared to get your business found more effectively on search engines for less than $10.00 per month!

Ventura County Now is the premiere online business directory in Ventura County! With thousands of local businesses listed, over 100,000 consumers seeking goods and services every year and thousands of YouTube views every month, Ventura County Now is one of the most affordable and effective way to advertise your business online.

The Ventura County Now directory is a powerful, search engine marketing tool. Many online shoppers use online directories because they can find everything they are looking for in one place. For instance, if someone wants to shop for shoes, get their nails done, and get a bite to eat in Camarillo, the can use the Ventura County Now directory to find Camarillo businesses by searching either by shopping mall or category and utilize Google maps listed on each listing to find places nearby each other.

Premium Listings are the most popular because they engage the consumer with pictures, videos, and promotions offered by local businesses. Also Premium Listings are indexed with keywords relative to a company’s product or service so online shoppers can easily find the listing on search engines. Local business owners can also post specials or promotions, feature FaceBook posts, create a YouTube Channel and more!

Sample Premium Enhanced Listing 

Last but not least, all Ventura County Now Premium Listings get FREE Internet Marketing Workshops geared to help bring in even more customers from the Internet! Channel Islands Sportfishing has attended several workshops that have made them number one on Google in many different categories!

So if you are a local Ventura County business that wants more online exposure call us or stop by! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a website or if you do, the more online exposure the better! There are over 10 million Google searches each month in Ventura County alone! Don’t let customers pass you by! Call 805-243-8321 today! Or stop by our offices at 1068 E. Main Street in Ventura!

Free Online Exposure - Ventura County Now - Internet Marketing

by Ventura County Now

October 29th, 2012

Ventura County Now, sponsored by The Final Code, welcomes A Bar Stool, Dinette, and Kitchen to our online business directory! A Bar Stool, Dinette and Kitchen Furniture is a local Ventura County Business located at 2358 E. Main Street in Ventura that offers a great selection of furniture for your home, office or restaurant at very good prices. Owner, Santa Cruz, knew he needed to start marketing online and the only thing that was stopping him was the money needed to invest in a campaign.



Online marketing is the most effective way to advertise your business as hardly anyone uses the phone book anymore. Most all consumers shop online to find a business that offers what they are looking for. As a matter of fact, if a business doesn’t have a website or any online presence, they will most likely get passed by.

Ventura County Now offers something very unique. We offer a way for you to get great online exposure for your business for FREE! Over the years we have built a directory listing thousands of local business and showcase them to online shoppers. Thousands of local consumers searching online for goods and service utilize our directory because our directory makes it easy to find what they are looking for.  A consumer can find any type of business in our directory in every city in Ventura County all in one place online.

Santa Cruz saw the value in Ventura County Now and chose to upgrade to a Premium Listing which will give him even more exposure to consumers. A Ventura County Now Premium Listing showcases a business with an in-depth company description, displays promotional offers, pictures, includes website links, FaceBook Posts, search engine optimization specifically for each listing, and more all for under $10 bucks a month! Where else can you get your business in front of over 100,000 potential customers online each year for under $100 bucks? In addition, all Premium Listings get FREE Internet Marketing Workshops hosted by our sponsor company, The Final Code, the premiere, local, Internet Marketing and Production Firm in all of Ventura County! These workshops unveil the secrets of Internet marketing for the local business owner so that they can compete online and win!

We at Ventura County Now believe in locals helping locals. That is why we offer so much for so little. Stop by our offices located at 1068 E. Main Street in Ventura or call us at 805-243-8321 and let us help you bring in more customers from the world of the Internet. With over 10 million Google searches each month in Ventura County alone isn’t it time to get has much exposure as possible?

Ventura County Now - Internet Marketing Made Easy for Local Businesses

by Ventura County Now

October 25th, 2012

Get a Ventura County Now Online Business Listing and Get Found On Google!

Recently we contacted Robert Eyberg of Eyberg Stained Glass about enhancing his Ventura County Now listing. Mr.Eyberg didn't have a website and he knew he needed to launch a Internet marketing campaign but didn't know where to start. 

So Robert decided to attend a FREE workshop to get educated on how to get customers from the Internet. During the workshop Robert learned that thousands of people were seacrhing online for his type of service. He learned about how to apply correct keywords to a website so search engines could display his website to potential customers. After the workshop Robert opted to enhance his Ventura County Now and within weeks his listing was on the first page of Google!

Eyberg's Ventura County Now Enhanced Listing Google Search Results



Eyberg's Ventura County Now Enhanced Listing



Now Robert has taken it a step further by investing in a website from The Final Code and his business has now even more exposure to the thousands of potential customers searching online for goods and services,

Recently Robert visited us at our downtown Ventura offices and recounted the time when he first got a phone call from our staff. He told us he gets tons of calls from companies claiming to be able to get his business fouind on Google. He said the companies that call him were from out of state or even out of the country so he just hung up on them. He also said he was glad we called him and that he didn't hang up on us! Mr. Eyberg told us he was very happy that he could finally deal with a company that was local and eager to help him get more customers.

Our staff is here to help local Ventura County businesses. We are here to make Internet Marketing easy to understand and more importantly profitable by bringing more customers to our clients. Our services are ridiculously affordable and incredibly effective.

Check out Mr. Eyberg's new website at  

So where do you start to get more customers from the Internet? Call us to schedule your FREE Internet Marketing Workshop today and stop letting customers pass you by!



Wondering How To Get More Customers Online?

by Ventura County Now

October 24th, 2012

Wondering How To Get More Customers Online? Get a FREE Internet Marketing Workshop!

 It's easy once you know the simple steps to a successful Internet Markting Campaign.

 Workshop 1 - Keywords

What would your potential customer type into a search engine to find your business? If you were a pizza business in Ventura a potential customer may type in "Pizza in Ventura". So the simple thing to do would be to put the keywords "Pizza in Ventura" into your website so search engines can match your website with the keywords typed in by the potential customer. 

But, the only thing wrong with that is there is probably another 100 different keywords or phrases used by online shoppers looking for pizza in Ventura.

Researching keywords used by online shoppers is the key to Internet marketing. Then, having the ability to index keywords into your website and blogging about keywords is the next vital step.

Don't worry we have you covered. We are a local Intenet Marketing Firm that offers FREE workshops for local Ventura County businesses only.

Our workshops usually cost $145.00 per hour - but for a limited time we are offering our Local Biz Web Marketing Drive geared to help the local business community compete online against the chain stores and win!

We want to keep Ventura local and we are tired of seeing the local business community suffering and going out of business. Online marketing is where most all consumers search for goods and services, and without a online marketing campaign, the local business will continue to suffer.

Let us help!

Call us @ 805-243-8321 and learn how to market online for FREE! 


Free Online Business Listings Ventura - Free Internet Workshops

by Ventura County Now

October 22nd, 2012

Internet Marketing - Really... It's not as hard or expensive as you may think!

Most local Ventura County business owners know they need to market online but just don't know where to start. There are so many different "opinions" on how to effectively market online that it gets very confusing, especially since there is no time in the day to dedicate the time and effort to wade through massive amount of information. 

So, unfortunately what typically happens is nothing gets done and thousands of online consumers pass local businesses by. 

Many people feel it would be cost prohibitive to market online. They feel "big business" throws big money at the internet making it impossible for the little guy to compete. This is untrue. All a local business owner needs to do is take about an hour out of their day to get a free internet marketing class held locally by locals. We have weeded out the bad information and put together a simple and concise workshop that will give you a clear direction on how to market online and bring in many new customers.

Ventura County Now, sponsored by The Final Code, is dedicated to making it easy for local businesses to be able to compete and win online.

Call today to schedule a free workshop. All workshops are conducted in downtown Ventrua.

Call 805-243-8321

If you are a business owner that wants a private workshop focused directly on your business, we offer flexible times and days to accomodate your busy schedule.

In addition Ventura County Now, is offering free business listings in our online directory, for local businesses. Our directory is geared to give local businesses a leg up and more online exposure. We have thousands of local consumers that shop online through our directory.

We offer free business listing for local businesses only in Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and all of the rest of Ventura County

Call today to get your free listing!




Websites Are The Best Way To Market Your Business

by Ventura County Now

October 18th, 2012

Is Your Website Not a Priority?

Let me start with this simple fact: There are over 10 million Google searches every month in Ventura County alone.

What are these people searching for? Goods and services offered by local businesses. So here is the question:  Is your business getting found by all these consumers searching for your type of goods or services?

Local Ventura County businesses are suffering and the number one reason why, according to local business owners, is that the economy is bad.

Yes the economy is down, but people are still spending money.

The fact is, there would not be so many consumers shopping for specific goods or services online if they weren’t willing and able to spend money. As an Internet Marketing Firm, we are constantly researching how consumers shop online. For example, if you are a photographer, we would research how many consumers are searching for photographers in Ventura.

So maybe we research the search words “Photographers in Ventura”.  The results for how many consumers that use those specific words and variances of those words when seeking a photographer online are in the thousands every month!

So next step… Now we Google “Photographers in Ventura” and several photographers show on the first page of the Google search.  These are the photographers that have the best chance of capturing the thousands of online shoppers.

If your business has a website and you are not getting found on the first page of Google, then your business is allowing the online consumer to pass you by.

The “economy” for the business that does show up on the first page of Google or any other search engine is quite good indeed.

So maybe it’s not the “economy” and maybe its local businesses are being too “economical” when it comes to investing advertising dollars into their online presence?

If you are a local Ventura County business here a couple ideas that will turn your bad economy into a great one…

Determine how much money you are spending on outdated advertising campaigns.

Does your business still pay for a Yellow Page ads? They are very expensive and rarely does today shopper use the phone book to find what they are looking for. Most shoppers under 50 years of age use the internet to search for goods and services.

Does your business still pay for print ads? Print ads are hit and miss. Determine what your return on investment is for each campaign and consider the fact that you will never be able to determine how many people actually looked at you ad. If a print ad company could tell you how many people looked at your ad, how many were interested in your ad but haven’t called you yet, then you would be able to determine if the ad was worth running again. Obviously, nobody can tell you that they sent out a 1000 mailers and “x’ amount of those many people read your ad and “x” of people are interested but haven’t called you yet.

Internet Marketing is the avenue local businesses should place their marketing dollar. Let’s say for instance that you are getting ready to spend $500.00 on a big print ad that is going out to 50,000 people. Sure that’s good exposure, but that is a one-time shot. So if it works okay, you will be tempted to spend another $500 and by the end of the year you have spent quite a bit of money.

Now consider investing $1500.00 in a top notch website that is set-up so consumers can find your website on all the search engines.  Your business would now be exposed to thousands of consumers search specifically for your type of goods or service. Plus a good website is equipped with a reporting tool that can tell you how many people look at your website and how long they stayed (which determines interest and they may call you).

Print ads are distributed to people who are not all looking for your goods or services. When a consumer goes online they are searching for your type of goods or services.

Obviously, consumers that are specifically looking for what your business offers are a better prospect than those that aren’t.

A website that is set-up properly with search engine optimization will always bring your business a bigger pay day. A website will only be a one-time investment that will bring in big returns for the years to come. So, would you rather constantly throw money at hit and miss print ads or invest a one-time amount that exposes your business to consumers that are in the market for what your business offers?




Online Marketing - Retail Stores Ventura

by Ventura County Now

October 16th, 2012

When you opened the brick and mortar retail shop, chances are you planned for a grand opening or ribbon cutting. Marketing and advertising to get the word out about your new business was probably one of your top concerns. Marketing online is just as important for a retail store.

Don't just sit there watching cob webs gather on your website. Whether you sell products online or have a one-page website, there are many ways to generate more in-store traffic from your online presence. Increase exposure online with these Internet marketing tips for your retail store.

1. Send a Press Release

One of the fastest ways to spread word about your store, and products or services to local Ventura County shoppers, is by sending a press release. Media outlets all thrive on press releases every day. The abundance of online news distribution services is now making it easier than ever for retailers to announce new product lines, special events and other shop news.

2. Submit Product Feeds

Retailers that sell products online should most definitely be using product feeds to reach a broader audience. A product feed is simply a file generated from the website that lists product details such as photos, descriptions, pricing and even specials. These product feeds can be submitted to shopping comparison websites, search engines and also made available to customers using feed readers.

3. Share Your Knowledge

There are many ways a retailer can appear as an expert or voice of authority in a certain industry. One way is to host classes, seminars or workshops in-store. Another way is by signing up to teach related continuing education courses at the local college. 

Internet retailers have known for years that one popular way to share knowledge and gain extra exposure is by writing content for free distribution. Article marketing, as it is known, has the ability to increase awareness of a retailer's presence, online and off.

4. Create a Newsletter

Newsletter and email marketing is key in keeping in touch with the customers you've manage to get in your store or on your website. It takes a lot of work to gain a customer. Why let them leave without offering a way to stay in contact?

5. Submit Your Site

Many new website owners submit their site to the major search engines and then sit back and wait for customers to come. While this is an important step for marketing online, Ventura website owners often overlook all the other directories available. 

Look for specialized link directories and niche sites to submit your business information and website. Not only will these directories help increase your link popularity, but they can drive highly targeted traffic to your retail store.

6. Grab Local Listings

Google, Yahoo, Superpages and other directories and search engines are creating tools for local Ventura shoppers to find your business, provide maps of location, hours of operation and even coupons. Many of these listings are free with upgrade options for a fee.

7. Create Your Own Commercials

If your store has paid for a print display ad in the local newspaper, you may know how ineffective marketing without spoken word or visual imagery can be. Radio and television marketing may be too pricey for your shop's budget, but there is another option.

Video marketing online allows a retailer to extend the reach of their message to a larger audience for little investment. Unlike traditional marketing, producing a unique online ad or video to convey your message or brand your store can have an extremely high ROI.

8. Join Social Networking

Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn may or may not help you sell your products but if that's where your customers hang out, maybe you should too. The blogs on these sites can help retailers keep in touch with shoppers, make announcements or feature new merchandise and promotions.

9. Offer an Affilate Program

One very popular and effective method of Internet marketing for retailers in Ventura is the affiliate program. This is the process in which a retailer pays one or more affiliates for each sale or customer gained as a direct result of the affiliate's marketing efforts. The retailer generally provides banners, buttons or product feeds for the affiliate's use. 

Many retailers manage their own affiliate programs while others opt to use a third party to track sales, orders and payments to the affiliate. The amount of commission or bonus paid out is determined by the retailer and outlined an affiliate agreement.

10. Give Something Away

Shoppers love to get something for nothing! Retailers know this and have used freebies and giveaways as marketing tools for decades. Pens with the business name on them at the checkout counter and shopping bags with store logo are so commonplace in a retail store that we may not even see them as marketing items. Unfortunately, these items can actually become quite costly.

Not all giveaways must be expensive. A big advantage of marketing online is the opportunity to easily and quickly offer contests, coupon codes, product samples and even valuable content as promotional giveaways.

Blogging For Search Engine Optimization

by Ventura County Now

October 15th, 2012

I Don’t Know What To Blog About!

When we consult with clients about marketing their website we educated them about the importance of blogging and how it helps with search engine placement. Most business people claim they don’t what to write about.

What do I blog about? “Write about what is unique about your business and how your business benefits a potential customer in an educational way”

 It really is that simple. Of course, the challenging part is understanding and staying focused on the most important, otherwise known as highest payoff, topics.

Today it’s not enough to simply write brilliant stuff. Yes, that’s certainly one aspect, but you’ve also got to write brilliant stuff that addresses what your prospects want to know in ways that search engines and searchers alike find relevant.

A little bit of research can go a long way when trying to develop a content strategy based on winning search results for phrases and topics related to what you do.

 Keyword Research

Keyword research is a fundamental practice in the search engine optimization and marketing world. It’s how you determine what your pages need to say, it is how you determine what your competition for important search terms is doing to stay at the top of the rankings.

It’s also a great way to develop a body of primary topics for your editorial content calendar.

Below is a routine business owners should use over and over again to help sort out the precise body of topics that will produce the highest payoff in terms of search engine results.

 Google Keyword Tool

Next I take this list to a free tool like the Google Keyword Tool . I run the words or phrases into these tools and quickly start working on revising my brainstorming list based on actual search volume, competition and a host of related phrases that these tools feed me.

 Conduct Searches

Now take my revised list that is probably no more than ten phrases, to the Google. Plug each phrase in and note the page one results.

 Analyze the top results to make sure this is a place you want to land and create a list of what is now called “competition” for these phrases.  

 Website Content Feature

One last step to use is to return to Google Keyword tool and use the website content feature that allows you to run a keyword analysis not on a search phrase but on an actual URL.

Do this with many of the competitive sites to learn why Google thinks what they do about this page and drum up more related search term candidates.

From all of this research you can generally come up with a meaty list of topics that you need to blog about in a very optimized way. The only task now is to find ways to say some of the same things over and over again in highly interesting ways. I also employ a tool like Scribe in my writing to help keep me laser focused on the content strategy.

This isn’t the only way to do keyword research and I’m sure many of the SEO folks have great strategies and routines for accomplishing what was described here, but this is a way that works to find a natural balance between content and optimization.

We offer easy to follow and FREE Internet Marketing Workshops in Ventura, CA. Call us to today and learn how to blog like a pro and get more customers online!