Verizon Wireless

Founded in Southern California in 1995, GoWireless has continually strived to be a driving force in the wireless industry. Upon opening its first store, GoWireless helped to bridge the gap commonly seen between paging and cellular; and the company has continually done so year after year incorporating any and all new emerging technologies across the country. Today, GoWireless continues to grow steadfast with over 300 stores throughout the United States. GoWireless founder, Kevin Elder has built a strong management team by recruiting top leaders in the wireless messaging, telecommunications, financial, and internet industries. It is through this team with their combined extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of wireless communication, sales, marketing, software development, and financial management that GoWireless successfully strives in today’s ever-changing wireless industry.

  • Cell phones
  • Apple iPhone
  • 3g smartphones
  • CPO/refurbished phones
  • cell phone plans
  • cell phone accessories