Tihomirov, Serge DC - Harbor Landing Health Ctr

Live Without Back Pain

Serge Tihomirov, D.C. & Linda J. Schilke, D.C. and staff would like to extend to you a warm Oxnard welcome and invitation to visit our clinic!!! Come experience the difference our facility can make in your health!!! We are conveniently located on the corner of 5thStreet and Victoria Blvd. Both our doctors have been practicing chiropractic for twenty years. Both doctors have finished Chiropractic College with honors. We have helped thousands of patients become well without the use of drugs or surgery. We use cutting edge chiropractic techniques (both force and non-force) to obtain the fantastic result we get in our clinic every day. We really listen and care about our patients. Our office is equipped with in house X-ray (which means we can have the results of your X-rays processed and analyzed overnight instead of having you wait for an appointment at an Imaging Center). We have helped people with conditions such as Sciatica; back pain; hip pain; neck pain; whiplash; pain, numbness and tingling in the arms or legs; elbow pain; foot pain; (Plantar Fascitis); headachejust to name a few. We also specialize in the care of auto accident injuries with complete physiological therapeutics (ultrasound, muscle stimulation, interferential, Russian waveform) and a rehabilitation area (both a special low back and neck machine to strengthen the weakened musculature after a car wreck). We are committed to your health and wellness. We also accept most medical insurance!!!

Chiropractic Special Offer

Print out and bring in this page for a consultation, orthopedic/chiropractic exam, X-rays and report of findings the following day. All for only $20.00 (regular cost for these services is between $90 and $200). This offer does not apply to patient’s who want to use their federal insurance (i.e. Medicare, medical, etc…).

Please call (805) 985-1276 to make an appointment.