Pacific Properties Real Estate

The Little Company In The Big Building

We are a small, independent Ventura Real Estate Listings office with no affiliation to the big name franchises.  We don’t charge our clients any unnecessary or miscellaneous fees.  Fees that pay for their national advertising campaigns that don’t provide any value to you, the client.

We have been experiencing a rebound or a bounce back of property prices since around the spring of 2012.  Interest rates have held and maintained at historic lows, lower than 3%.  This has encouraged buyers to enter the market, start looking for and buying properties.  Since there are more buyers looking and buying properties, this has created a shortage of available inventory. This is good for property owners but can be discouraging for buyers looking to buy.  We have worked with clients with whom we have written several offers only to be out bid over and over again.  In instances like this, We advise clients not to give up, to keep looking, the right house will come along.  

Our clients find that working with a smaller company gives them a much more human approach to selling and buying their Ventura homes and Ventura Real Estate.  We provide better and more personal customer service.  We think you will like the Pacific Properties difference.


Pacific Properties Real Estate
300 West Esplanade Drive Suite 410
Oxnard, CA 93036

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