Madeleine Lindvall Massage

Therapeutic Massage for Health and Wellness in Camarillo

Madeleine Lindvall Massage

Our massage facility is located inside a small quiet spa called Eye Candy Beauty Spa in Camarillo. It is a room where you can enjoy a relaxing massage in a very relaxing and beautiful environment accompanied with beautiful relaxing music.

With massage we can help you to improve your circulation and reduce spasms and cramping in your body. I can also help you to relax and soften injured, tired and overused muscles, and prepare for you, if you are an athlete, for an event or help to heal your muscles after a hard workout. Massage will help to increase your joint flexibility.


About Madeleine Lindvall



I am a California Licensed Massage Therapist. I have my business inside Eye Candy Beauty Spa and my focus is Therapeutic Orthopedic Massage and deep tissue.

I am born in Sweden and moved to California with my family 2002.

Since 1997 I have taken plenty of classes within health and massage in both Sweden and here in California.

I became a certified massage therapist in Sweden in 2000, and after I moved to California I became certified here as well. I have been working with massage since then and it is my passion. I always want to learn more about how to help my client to feel their best! At the moment I am learning orthopedic massage and it has given me a whole new perspective how to help my clients that are in pain.

I used to have a room at Dr Dimaano's chiropractic office inside La Workout but moved in April, 2011, when I got the chance to design my own room at Tan LA. Now I am at Eye Candy Beauty Spa, 355 Mobil Ave where I have a beautiful room in a very nice and calm atmosphere

I have taken a lot of different classes because I have a huge interest in how our bodies and minds are working together and separately. 

We are all different so I will customize my massage for your needs.

Call me to set up an appointment  (805) 990-3400


Madeleine Lindvall Massage
355 Mobile Ave
Camarillo, CA 93010

(805) 990-3400