Harbor Wind & Kite

Welcome to Harbor Wind & Kite Co!Located for over 20 years here in the Ventura Harbor on the central coast of California with a wide beach, we are Southern California’s favorite kite fliers playground. Harbor Wind & Kite Co. offers the best selection of every major brand by the world’s most famous kite, wind toys and windpower sports designers and manufacturers.

Harbor Wind & Kite Co.’s mission is to further the kite pioneering spirit of wind, fun and freedom. We are dedicated to the affordability, pleasure, growth, and environmental values of the world of kites and wind toys.

At Harbor Wind & Kite Co., Our goal is to be competitive on every level: price, top quality, cutting edge designs and friendly service. Our HP KiteKrafters repair, modify and innovate. We promise you a satisfied, safe and secure shopping experience.

Thanks for shopping at Harbor Wind & Kite Co.

Buz Wilburn, Owner