Genmai Sushi Restaurant

Japanese Restaurant

Genmai! Japanese word for brown rice. We feature brown rice and other whole grain in our cuisine because of its nutrients and versatility. In Japan, Genmai has acquired the reputation for being a food that can promote a long and healthy life.With that said, we here at the Genmai Sushi have been known to be the best Sushi Restaurant In the County.

With our great staff and excellent atmosphere, we have been known to be the "Hot Spot." Genmai Sushi serves all of your favorite sushi at a great price. If you are thinking to get something healthy...No problem. Genmai Sushi is proud to say that it serves the healthiest sushi in the county. It is widely known across the county to have great food and great service; so if you want to be in a place where you want to have fun and eat great sushi, then Genmai Sushi is the place for you!