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We Are Ventura County's Top Criminal Defense Lawyers

Farley Cassy Schwartz Powell (FCSP) is dedicated to excellence, and we are proud to say our law firm has won more NOT GUILTY verdicts than any other firm in Ventura County - so if you or your loved one has been charged with a crime, you have come to the right place.

FCSP is a law firm of California Criminal Defense Lawyers for ALL misdemeanors and felonies, and our reputation for professional achievement is backed up by toughness and integrity.

If you or a loved one is charged with a crime it is vital you choose a law firm that can give you the best opportunity to keep your freedom. 

The prospect of losing one’s freedom is devastating to both the individual charged, and their family. We at FCSP are here to resolve ANY misdemeanor or felony charges for our clients and ease the mental anguish associated with legal problems.


Thousands of people are unfairly convicted of crimes because the system puts them at a disadvantage. They are up against experienced, government-funded prosecutors and juries who are eager to assume guilt

FCSP has a demonstrated history of leveling the playing field.  We are accustomed to handling some of the most challenging cases and have achieved astonishing results.

No other law firm in Ventura County has obtained as many not guilty verdicts as FCSP.

No other law firm in Ventura County has a better record of negotiating favorable dispositions than FCSP.

Our firm will deliver the best possible results for you.

We will never sacrifice your rights to an unnecessary plea bargain, and we will spend the time needed to prepare a strong defense.

We have high standards of conduct, as each of our attorneys has at least 30 years of experience in criminal defense, an impressive courtroom track record, expertise in cases like yours, an exemplary record of no open State Bar complaints, an excellent reputation among legal peers, and a willingness to fight relentlessly for your rights.

Let us fight for you, your family, and your freedom. Call Farley, Cassy, Schwartz, and Powell.


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