Anacapa Ukulele

Anacapa Ukulele - Learn, Visit and Talk Uke!

Anacapa Ukulele is Ventura County's only full-service, ukulele-specific music store. Opened by two professional musicians, owners Cary Hitsman and Brad Ranola have created a "central-hub" for the Ukulele community. Anacapa Ukulele offers ukuleles, workshops, accessories, books, and service, for everyone from true beginners to seasoned professionals.

Anacapa Ukulele has a wide selection of lesson and workshop offerings.

From local teachers to visting artists, our staff covers all styles in both private and group lessons.

Come Jam as a group, bring gear that you want to sell,listen to local uke performances,

contact us if you want a little performance slot!


Shop local and play your instrument before you buy!


Anacapa Ukulele
1899 E. Main Street
Ventura, CA 93001

(805) 500-6848