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101 Lint Busters Why Should I Worry About My Dryer Vent?

A dirty or badly installed vent can be a serious fire hazard. It also costs you time and money.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 15,500 dryer related fires occur each year. The CPSC reports that the most frequent starting point for these fires was the dryer vent area. The typical scenario is simple: the dryer overheats, the l
int catches fire and the fire is then helped by combustibles in the immediate vicinity (these fires can smolder for hours going unnoticed until after you've gone to bed or left your house for an errand.)

If your vent is clogged with lint or otherwise obstructed (e.g. a birds nest or crushed vent) your clothes will take longer to dry and your dryer can overheat. If your laundry takes more than one cycle to dry your clothes it's time to act - your vent needs servicing.

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