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Helicopter tour ventura county, Humpback whale sighting

by Ventura County Now

March 21st, 2014


Last Wednesday while out flying on the Malibu tour with Channel Islands Helicopters ( - shortly after passing Point Mugu rock - we looked out towards the Pacific Ocean and we were lucky enough to catch the rare sighting of two large humpback whales breaching!  We hung around overhead for a while watching them as they played down in the water for while.  Super cool to witnessed them splashing around for an extended period of time like that.  We collected a large amount of video footage - luckily we had the cameras rolling.

Check out this great video of the footage and these awesome photos.  As a provider of aerial photography services has loads of amazing aerial still footage and videos available for you to check out.  If you're looking to do something exciting this weekend the whales are running and the sky is a great place to check out all the action from.  

Channel Islands Helicopters has tons of great aerial tours available - explore the coast from Malibu all the way to Santa Barbara, visit the Santa Ynez vineyards from overhead, head on out to Anacapa and Santa Cruz Island, experience aerial whale-watching over the channel, and more!  All of these tours are available for great prices.  Get in touch with Channel Islands Helicopters a- soon as possible to set something up a tour for this weekend - Channel Islands Helicopters - (805) 512-1371.
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Orca Whale Watching Pictures and Video off Chanel Islands Coast

by Ventura County Now

January 2nd, 2014

We set out in the afternoon on a typical whale watching trip intent on encountering southbound Gray whales.

The trips of late have been spectacular with incredible weather and consistent sightings.

When we cleared the breakwater, besides being met by an extremely calm ocean, something seemed awry.

Having spent my entire life on these waters leading trips, there existed a different kind of calm…an eerie unnatural calm.

We had returned from our morning trip, just a half hour prior leaving behind a channel filled with south bound whales and massive pods of common dolphin. Sea lions were observed in every direction…but not now.

This type of still, this calm besets a region with a top predator in the area.

Something was around that has swiftly voided all life, and has sent sea lions scampering for higher ground.

Then, off on the horizon several miles away, make no mistake, the tall dorsal sail of an adult male Orca.

Nothing can begin to describe the feeling when this apex predator lands squarely in the field of view of your binoculars.

It’s like winning a jackpot on a slot machine…just a feeling of excitement and awe all wrapped into one.

We traveled some 3 miles to catch up to what would ultimately be a pod of 7 of the most curious, playful and interactive Orcas I have had the opportunity to observe.

For 2 solid hours we tracked along with them often stopping as they approached us, curiously rolling over looking at all those onboard.

It was one of those encounters I will take with me the rest of my life.

This is our second encounter in as many days.

We are out daily…enjoy the images.

Capt. Frank


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Channel Islands Helicopter Harbor Rides

by Ventura County Now

November 7th, 2013

Are you ready for the weekend... This weekend FALL special is amazing.. $25 helicopter rides. Saturday November 9. First come first serve. If you want to experience the beach and harbor by the air come on down for your first helicopter experience!

Channel Islands Helicopter Harbor Rides 

 Humpack-whale-aerial    Humpbacks-lunge-feed-from-air